Tuesday, August 10, 2010

La Bocca, Italian Sandwiches in Itaewon

My stomach loves me today because we went to La Bocca for lunch. We ordered the Veneto Panini and Insalata di Patate. The panini was filled with pork tenderloin, spinach, provolone cheese and grilled mushrooms. What made this sandwich so delicious was the bread. It tasted like authentic Italian bread, really chewy and thick, and drenched in olive oil on the interior of the sandwich.
A literal translation for the name of the salad I ordered would be simply "potato salad." For me, the thought of potato salad conjures up images of potatoes swimming in a pool of mayonnaise. This was definitely not like that. This salad was made with baby potatoes, arugula, thyme, and home-made beef bresaola in gorgonzola dressing, drizzled with olive oil and lemon. Being a hater of bottled dressings, this dressing made from real gorgonzola was really to die for. And it's amazing to realize how much one can miss bread made with olive oil. It's the best bread I've had since being in Korea. Beef bresaola is aged salted air-dried beef. Basically fancy jerky.
La Bocca also has pastas and meat on the menu as well as an extensive wine list and a very enticing dessert counter full of Italian delicacies you'll find it difficult to say no to. The cheapest sandwich on the menu is the chicken Caesar for 11,000 won. The sandwiches are high-quality but expensive.

Directions: Leave Itaewon station exit 2 and walk for about 5 minutes. It's on your left on the main road.


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