Saturday, August 7, 2010

Burger B, Hongdae

Burger B is recommended 100%. They make good, solid burgers. Moreover, they cook their burgers to order (medium, well-done, etc.) They bun is toasted well; there is lettuce tomato, and onions. Overall, a fine burger. In my opinion, one of the best in Seoul. See picture:

The interior of Burger B is homey. The staff is pleasant and agreeable. There are also quesadillas on the menu, and perhaps a few other things besides burgers. (Unfortunately, I don't remember the full menu, since I only had eyes for their burger.)

Go out Hongik University Station Exit 5 and walk straight for a short ways. Turn to the left at the first intersection (not the intersection with a KFC that you'll be at immediately after leaving the subway, though). After you've turned, walk straight for a while until you hit Hongik University itself (it will be right after passing a Lotteria). Then turn right and walk for a while. Burger B will be on this street, on the right side. Use the map below to help you (you can zoom in and out, and move the map selection):

View Burger B in a larger map


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