Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flying Pan, Brunch in Itaewon

Flying Pan is a very popular place to go for breakfast, brunch, lunch... anytime really. The menu has so many delicious things I want to try them all and have succeeded at sampling almost half of their dishes by now. Above you will see a picture of the chicken salad sandwich with avocado. Definitely a favorite of mine. Also, I would especially recommend the salads. They are all made piled high with mescaline greens, fresh ingredients and home-made dressings. In the picture below you can see we ordered the grilled banana and ricotta french toast and eggs benedict ham. When making the french toast they use real brioche bread and maple syrup which is what makes it the best french toast I've tried in Korea.

The poached eggs, bread, ham and potato salad were delicious but for some reason we didn't get real hollandaise sauce with the eggs benedict (just a large pat of butter on top), so that was a bit disappointing. A quick informal survey of my friends produces the result that a trip to the Flying Pan excites the women more than the men. One reason could be because it's definitely fancier than a greasy American or English style breakfast, but that's what I find so appealing. The prices are not astronomical but slightly high at about 10,000 to 16,000 won per plate.

Directions: To get to the location above, leave Itaewon station exit two and turn left at the first side street. After turning, you should see it almost immediately on your right side. There are three locations in total. A second in Itaewon and one in Apugjeong.

Above is the grilled vegetable sandwich with salad.

This is called "Aladin's bowl." Flying pan has been introducing some spicy middle eastern flavours to some of their dishes. This one is a slightly spicy sauce with chickpeas, onions and sausage with a pouched egg on top, served with turkish bread (has a sourdough flavour).


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