Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spain Club, Apgujeong

I really enjoyed dinner at Spain Club. We ordered an appetizer of mushrooms stuffed with jamón (ham) in a sizzling hot pot of oil, followed by the paella for an entree. As usual the food looked so good when it came to the table that we forget to take a picture before we started dishing it out.

We were expecting the paella to be a giant dish for two people, but it was a bit smaller than we expected. However, we ended up scraping every last bit of toasted rice that had formed on the bottom of the pan (the signature of a good paella). We each had a glass of house red which complimented the meal nicely. The bill totaled $60 which I think is not bad for a romantic dinner for two.

If you're looking to get a really authentic taste of Spain, Spain Club also offers its own jamón ibérico (meat sliced off of a huge hamhock that has been cured in a traditional way). However, it's a bit on the expensive side, at 28,000 won for a plate. There are also some really good looking cheese plates.

Directions: Go out Sinsa Station Exit 8 and walk straight. Turn at the third left. This is the main Garosu-gil street (shown in yellow and running north-south on the map below). At the first opportunity, head left and cross over one block, to the next street that runs parallel to Garosu-gil. Walk up this parallel street and Diner Pub will be on your left. See the map below:

View Spain Club in a larger map


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