Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ganja: Indian Food in the Seoul Finance Center, Gwanghwamun/Jongno, near City Hall

When I first went to Ganja (website), I went to the location on floor B2 of the Seoul Finance Center in Jongno, near Gwanghwamun Square and close to City Hall. However, I did not realize that there were actually 9 locations (including one in Busan and one in Daegu). This review is from the Seoul Finance Center location, though I hope it applies to other locations as well:

Ganja is good. I like Indian food, and really, it would be hard to objectively rank all the Indian restaurants I've been to in Seoul, just because a lot of them are so similar in quality and in food offerings.

But Ganja is good. Their curries were extra smooth, extra creamy, and extra savory, brimming with just the right amount of meat. While perusing the internet before writing this review, I saw that the new ZAGAT Seoul guide called Ganja's curried "addictive," and I would have to agree. Especially good was the chicken makhni, an orange curry, which I would have licked out of the bowl if it would have been socially acceptable.

The naan was the perfect texture, not with a significant number of burnt spots like some places pieces, and tasting soft and buttery. The samosas and chicken appetizers were bursting with flavor.

In short, everything was exactly how a good Indian meal should be.

The atmosphere was very blue (though according to the Ganja website, the other Ganjas have different looks.) The only downside really was the prices, which were a bit expensive. Compared to Yeti's 3-person set for 45,000 won, Ganja's least expensive set is 35,000 per person during dinner. A curry by itself will run about 15,000-20,000 won. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend it, though I can easily understand if you want to do more budget-friendly Indian.

Ganja has seven locations in Seoul. You can use website to get directions, but the maps are rather vague in my opinion. Take a look at the interactive map below showing all the locations:

(map coming soon)


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