Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunshine Kebab, near Jonggak Station, Gwanghwamun

Directions: Go out Jonggak station exit 3 and walk straight.

When I stumbled into Sunshine Kebab late one stormy night completely
famished I hungrily gobbled down the chicken kebab I ordered. This
Australian kebab franchise promises authentic Turkish kebab. Although
I enjoyed my kebab it didn't quite cut-it on my kebab scale. The
bread was delicious. They didn't just throw their kebab into any old
tortilla like some places do. However, there was no white sauce! A great kebab has to
have a lot of white sauce, but in this Koreanized
version the meat was heated up on the grill in some sweet brown sauce.

Suspiciously I didn't see the meat out on the spit like at most kebab
places but I'm assuming they had already cleaned up and put that away
since it was near closing time. I'll have to investigate further
sometime during the day in the future. Also, if you choose to enjoy
what this restaurant has to offer don't expect to enjoy the lassi. It
was terrible. Someone should introduce these people to yogurt because
I'm pretty sure they just mixed something with regular maeil milk.


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