Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brasilia: Seohyeon's (Bundang's) Brazilian Meat Restaurant (Churrascaria)

Brasilia is a bit of a hike away from Seohyeon station, but it is worth it. See the map below for directions.

An endless supply of meat on skewers brought to your table by waiters: beef, chicken, pork, lamb, steak, sausage... An excellent salad bar, including several great hot dishes and a vast array of sushi. Ice cream for desert. Brasilia is a Brazilian restaurant that has it all. (for roughly 30,000 won a person including the VAT tax) Here's the breakdown:

Salad Bar: Some Brazilian restaurant salad bars disappoint. Brasilia's salad bar is not one of them. It is the full spread. Feijoada, shrimp-fried rice with egg, a sweet and sour dish, usually another hot dish, an excellent crab soup, many different kinds of sushi, lettuce and all the normal salad fixings. Of course, don't fill up on the salad bar, because then you won't get your money's worth of:

Meat: A vast array of tender meat. My favorite is the beef and the steak, especially when they bring out a skewer that's very rare. But of course, there's all kinds here: chicken, pork, sausage, lamb. It's an endless supply. Book a solid couple hours here with a group of people and you can eat, talk, jest, and be merry until you're all burstingly full. Ahh.......

Desert: Then, just when you can't take any more meat, partake of the delicious cooked pineapple. The waiters will bring out pineapple cooked on a skewer just like the meat, often coated with some cinnamon. And then go back to the salad bar to get some ice cream (not soft-serve.)

All in all, a great place to go when you're in the mood for a big, gut-busting meal.

Directions: (Note: about a 15-minute walk from the station) Go out Seohyeon Station in Bundang, Exit 5. Walk out the doors of AK Plaza and keep walking straight until you get to the street. Cross the street and keep walking. When you get to the next street, cross to the far side, but stay on the same street. Turn right and walk. You will have to walk for a while (see map). When the street forks into a left and right street, stay on the right fork. Just keep walking. Eventually, you will see Brasilia in a shopping area off to the right of the street (It is hidden a bit from the road, but if you're looking out for it, you'll see it.) Make sure to check the interactive map below so you don't get lost.

View Brazilia Location (Seohyeon, Bundang) in a larger map


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