Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Valance Burgers

(Map of all six locations at bottom of post.)
Imagine Kraze Burgers, only without the inflated prices. Then you have Valance Burgers. I am guessing that Valance is supposed to be "Balance," since their logo has a scale on it. Regardless of the poor spelling, however, Valance gets an A for easily being the best-value burger in the city. It's only 4,500 won for their classic burger, which comes with an egg on top and easily rivals Kraze for quality. Indeed, the amount of fresh onions, lettuce, and tomato piled on top make it hard to bite into - always the sign of a fine burger in my opinion. Now, they do go a little sauce heavy - and the sauce is of course on the sweet side - but that can easily be remedied by requesting no sauce, or maybe asking for just the mayo or just the ketchup.
I also tried the Honey Chicken burger, which surprisingly also comes with an egg on it. It was good for a grilled chicken sandwich, and it was about the same price as the Classic Burger, so once again, Valance Burgers has a huge win on value.

There are six locations:
1. Gangnam-gu (near Hakdong Station/Gangnam-gu Office Station)
2. Yeongdeunpo-gu (near Yeongdeungpo Station)
3. Seoul National University of Education
4. Hanyang University
5. Konkuk University
6. Bundang (near Ori Station)
Here is a google map showing all six locations:

View Valance Burger Locations in a larger map


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