Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brooklyn Burger Joint, Seorae French Village

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have found the best burger in Seoul.

Last week, I was wondering around the French Village in Seorae when I stumbled across a place called Brooklyn Burger Joint. It's small and tucked away where it's unlikely to be found. The burgers are huge and juicy. There is no overpowering seasoning to detract from the beauty of the grease and meat. The bun is not too stiff but not too soft, a wonderous sesame seed bun from heaven. On my burger, I got cheddar cheese, bacon, and horseradish. They have milkshakes, root beer, or you can get a regular beer.

Perfection. Of course, the burgers are a bit pricey, but not really when you compare against Korean standard prices for quality burgers. Mine was $10. The prices range from $8, I think, to maybe $12.

Directions: Get out at Express Bus Terminal on Line 3 or 7. Walk out Exit 5 and cross the street. Turn right and walk down the street for a while. Eventually, you'll see a European-looking building, and there will be a sign that says "Montmartre Park 800 m" (If you pass a GS25, you've gone too far; this isn't on the main street of the French Village). Turn there and walk down the street. You'll eventually hit Brooklyn Burger Joint.

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